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Fasting Blood Sugar Test

~ Fasting Blood Sugar Test ~

The term fasting blood sugar refersFasting Blood Sugar to blood tests done for measuring the glucose levels and its meaning is a certain condition in which the patient must be when the test is performed. During a 24 hours cycle the glucose levels vary within a specific range. After meals the levels are increased and it is the role of pancreas to produce more insulin, thus the glucose is transformed in energy and its concentration in bloodstream is decreased.

There are five types of tests:

  • FSB Test or Fasting Blood Sugar Test is done 8 hours after the patient refrain from eating and drinking. Usually it is the first method to check pre-diabetes or diabetes.
  • Postprandial blood sugar test is performed exactly two hours after the patient starts eating. This test is not relevant for diabetes thus it is not used.
  • Random Sugar Test is performed randomly during the day. For a healthy person, the glucose levels did not vary in a large range during the day. However if Random Sugar Test shows a large range of glucose levels it means that it may be a problem. Again, this test is not relevant in proving the diabetes.
  • Oral glucose tolerance test is performed to diagnose the diabetes during pregnancy. Several blood glucose evaluations are done after the patient drink a liquid containing glucose. It is performed for a persons who are pregnant.
  • A1c Glycohemoglobin test is performed to measure the glucose stored in red blood cells. It is used in diabetes diagnose and for monitoring the diabetes treatment and its efficiency.

Fasting Blood Sugar Tests are performed for:

  • Diabetes diagnose
  • Monitoring the diabetes evolution and the efficiency of the treatment applied
  • Gestational diabetes diagnose
  • Hypoglycemia diagnose; Hypoglycemia is the condition defined by low blood glucose levels.

American Diabetes Association defines a high risk of diabetes when the results of Fasting Blood Sugar Tests are 5.6-6.9 mmol/L (100-125 mg/dL).

For Fasting Blood Sugar Test the patient must stop eating 8 hours prior to blood sample taking. Drinking should be limited to water, only during this time. If the patient is diabetic the 8 hours restriction is extended to insulin or drugs administration as well.

Eating and drinking restrictions are limited to two hours if the Postprandial test will be performed. Usually this test is done at home in the normal way, by the patient itself.

For Random Blood Sugar test there are no special requirements.

For Oral Glucose Tolerance test special preparations are required. For few days before the test the patient must follow a balanced diet with not less than 150 grams of carbs. Excess drinking, smoking and heavy physical exercises are restricted. In addition the restrictions for Fasting Blood Sugar Test apply, 8 hours before testing.

The medical team will take the blood sample in a normal manner and the test itself is performed. The results are ready within few hours and show the amount of blood glucose. A normal level for Fasting Blood Sugar Test is less or equal 110 mg/dL (6,1 mmol/L). A higher value indicates pre-diabetes condition or even diabetes. A much lower value indicates a hypoglycemic condition.


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