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Insulin Resistance: Definition, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

~ Insulin Resistance: Definition, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention ~

Insulin resistance is the term used toInsulin Resistance explain the condition when our body cells are not able to act in response to the hormone insulin’s actions. The cells of people with insulin resistance cannot take in fatty acids, amino acids and glucose and these substances are just flowing out of the cells.

In normal conditions, those substances contained in the food we consume everyday are absorbed by the cells in the blood which are then changed into energy. The cells will need insulin to help them suck up the glucose and if the cells fail to respond to insulin which at the end fails to absorb those substances, the level of the glucose in the blood will definitely rise. When the glucose rises, the pancreas will work harder to support the cells with insulin but as the person has already suffered by insulin resistance, the pancreas fails and the glucose level keeps rising and this can be one of the marks of diabetes.

General Signs of Insulin Resistance

As insulin resistance has become one of the health problems people should wary of, it is really wise to recognize the signs of insulin resistance before it gets worse. Some of the general symptoms are as follows:

  • Obesity
    People with excessive weight (especially excessive fat in the abdomen) should be really cautious because obesity has proven to promote insulin resistance. Losing weight can help the cells give better response to the insulin.
  • High pressure of the blood
    Although not explained clearly, scientists have found out that the higher the blood pressure is, the more the cells resist to insulin.
  • Abnormal level of the cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, and glucose tolerance
    People with insulin resistance will have a very low good cholesterol (HDL) level and high triglyceride. There will also be some impairment of fasting blood sugar and also glucose tolerance. Pay attention to these things when you have your blood tested to know whether you are having insulin resistance or not.
  • Heart Problems
    Another symptom of insulin resistance is the presence of one or some heart problems such as blood clots and atherosclerosis where the arteries decrease its functions.

Best Treatments to Deal with Insulin Resistance Problems

Once you find out that you are suffering from insulin resistance problems, you will have to start thinking about the best treatments to solve them. The first and the most important thing to deal with insulin resistance is by obtaining an ideal body weight and trying to maintain it. Doing regular exercise is highly recommended to assist the body when giving response to the insulin activities. While doing physical exercises is good to treat insulin resistance disorder, it is also very helpful to avoid diabetes and also health problems. In terms of medication, you can take metformin under your doctor’s order but the regular exercises have been proven to be the most effective treatments.

How to Prevent Insulin Resistance Problems?

Many people are a bit pessimistic about prevention for insulin resistance problems. Actually, this syndrome is preventable as long as you are determined. There are things to do to keep the problems solved, having healthy lifestyle such as eating right, having enough rest, doing exercise and maintaining the healthy body weight. A lot of people are suffering insulin resistance problems but by doing those activities; the disorders can be treated well and prevented from reoccurring.

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