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Symptoms of Diabetes: Polydipsia

~ Symptoms of Diabetes: Polydipsia ~

Listen "Symptoms of Diabetes: Polydipsia"  There are three symptoms of diabetes Symptoms-of-diabetes-Polydipsia people can easily recognize; polydipsia (the urgency to drink all the time), polyphagia (the urgency to eat despite the recent meals) and polyuria (the urgency to urinate) and from all the three symptoms, polydipsia is perhaps the most easily recognized symptoms of diabetes.


Definition of Polydipsia


Polydipsia is one of the most commonly found symptoms of diabetes which is defined as a feeling of continuous thirst no matter how much water the diabetic person has taken. This term is adapted from a Greek word which means much thirst. Chronic and excessive thirst is what people with polydipsia will experience and if not taken care for seriously, this can lead to more serious complications rather than just diabetes. If experiencing polyphagia, diabetic patient will not feel satisfied even though he has drunk huge amount of fluid. This disproportionate thirst results in extreme intake of water, which makes the content of sodium and electrolyte in the body imbalanced. The disparity makes saline balance in the blood disturbed and in longer terms, this polydipsia can lead to strokes and heart attacks.


Types of Polydipsia


Although Polydipsia can also be the result of medication using drugs such as furosemide, it more frequently appears as one of the symptoms of diabetes. This kind of Polydipsia is called Polydipsia Diabetes and this type is found in most cases of high blood sugar level. There are also experts who classify Polydipsia into different categories based on the causes. There are Primary Polydipsia or Psychogenic Polydipsia and also Polydipsia Schizophrenia when it is associated with mental disorders. Drying mouth is the main symptom in primary Polydipsia, while the psychogenic and Polydipsia Schizophrenia are mainly caused by some psychological disorders and not necessarily related to the symptoms of diabetes.


How to Recognize Polydipsia?


Excessive thirst can be one of the symptoms of diabetes or many other diseases but it can also be caused only by the need for electrolyte in the body as a result of vigorous activities. When suffering from Polydipsia people sometimes find it hard to know whether they really suffer diabetes or whether they just need extra drink to supply more electrolytes to their body. To know whether it is Polydipsia diabetes or not, it is important to observe for the other symptoms that come together and also the period of the excessive thirst. If it keeps happening for a longer period and accompanied by the other symptoms of diabetes, it is likely that the patient has suffered from worse diabetes but if it lasts for just one or two days then perhaps it is just the imbalanced electrolyte in the body.


How to Treat Polydipsia?


Polydipsia as one of the symptoms of diabetes is not really dangerous but it will lead to a more serious condition if not treated properly. In order to treat this Polydipsia correctly, it is crucial to know what has caused it. The underlying causes and the nature of the problems will help give the best treatments based on the diagnosis. The most common Polydipsia treatment is usually including the use of insulin, metformin, Glipzide or Glibenclamide as sulfonylurea agents and also other medication for diabetes and antihyperglycemic. The most commonly prescribed drugs are desmopressin, which is as an alternative for vasopressin, also other prescribed corticosteroids and antibiotics.


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