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Symptoms of Diabetes: Polyuria

~ Symptoms of Diabetes: Polyuria ~

The symptoms of diabetes, especially at symptoms of diabetes: polyuriaan early stage of this disease, are often difficult to be recognized as they are subtle and seem harmless. In most cases, patients do not really realize that they have been suffering from diabetes although they have experienced one or two symptoms.


Some symptoms of diabetes may develop rapidly in just a few months so that the patients can notice them quickly while others may build up slowly in so many years until the patients’ condition becomes chronically undetected. Diabetic patients usually experience one, two or all of the three most common symptoms of diabetes called polyphagia (excessive hunger), polydipsia (excessive thirst) and polyuria (excessive urination) which come along with other less common symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, or blurred vision.


The presence of those symptoms of diabetes should help patients detect the occurrence of the disease in their body. However, as most symptoms, polyuria can frequently appear as results of other health problems. In addition to that, this symptom can also emerge as a side effect of certain chemical substances consumption such as alcohol, caffeine, diuretics and also some riboflavin and vitamin C.

Polyuria is frequently defined as a condition where the patient has the urgent needs to urinate in an excessive amount, much more in the quantity and also in frequency. People with this polyuria will usually urinate more than 2.5 litre in less than 24 hours or they urinate many times in short duration.


Although not all people experiencing Polyuria suffer from diabetes, this health problem appears to be the most prominent and the most commonly found diabetes symptom. As polyuria is a an excessive process of urination, this problem is often related to polydipsia, (extreme thirst), another symptom of diabetes.

It is really common for diabetic patients to have Polyuria together with polydipsia as the increasing thirst will make people drink more so they will need to urinate more often and in much bigger amount. However, it is also very possible for the patients to have just one of them as the diabetic symptoms, polydipsia without polyuria or the other way around.


This symptom of diabetes is definitely giving problems to the diabetic patients as they will need to use the toilette more often but if it comes as a truly symptom of diabetes then it will diminish once the diabetes itself is treated well. However, it should be noted that if the patients do not experience polyuria anymore does not mean that the diabetes is gone. Diabetic patients will need to do a periodically thorough blood check to make sure that the diabetes is controlled.


For families having diabetic history, it is very crucial to observe and note whether any of the family members are having this symptom of diabetes. As polyuria can also happen to children who suffer from diabetes mellitus, parents should be alerted if the kids urinate a lot in the day or at night. It is important to know the cause of that excessive urination so that it can be treated carefully and correctly before it gets worse.


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